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Our hens…

Set in idyllic surroundings, Wood Farm has some of the most up to date production and packing facilities in the country.

Our hens have over 80 acres of grassed and tree sheltered paddocks to range in.

They eat and sleep in their sheds which have verandahs running down each side full of sand, wood chips and straw bales which the hens love to play and dust bath in.


Trees play an important role in creating a natural environment for the hens as they provide great overhead shelter, encouraging them to roam and express their natural behaviour. Their additional natural outdoor diet helps the eggs to taste so good. Luckily we have a large amount of natural woodland and hedgerows on our farm but we have also planted 1000's of new trees to help the hens feel at home and protected as well as helping the natural environment.

The freshness of our eggs is guaranteed by our ability to produce and pack on our farm, which means our eggs can often be in the shops within 24 hours of being laid. This is one of the reasons why some of the country's most prestigious (and famous) customers choose us to supply them with our free range eggs.

In addition to our own high standards for quality control and welfare all of our eggs are produced under the British Egg Industry Council 'Lion' Code, a stringent code of practice incorporating the latest research and advice on Salmonella.

We are also members of the RSPCA Assured scheme setup to ensure the highest welfare standards.




The hen’s natural outdoor diet is supplemented by a wholesome, natural, vegetarian diet, free of antibiotics or hormones. Where possible it is our policy to try source ingredients grown in the UK. Likewise, we make every effort to try and ensure that all our ingredients are non-GM.  



From rearing the chicks to final packing of the eggs, we are hands on every step of the way, making sure our rigorous standards are maintained.

We understand the importance of being able to trace where your food comes from. As such all our eggs are labelled with a 'Best Before' date, production method eg (1= Free range), country of origin and producer code, this means you can trace every egg back to the exact date and flock it was laid.

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